Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Way to Convert any Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, AutoCad, OpenOffice, Image) into PDF File

Hello readers, as an officer at the busiest company sometime we must sent our file to our clients as a PDF file. The problem begin : How to convert word file into PDF? How in this world I can convert any files into PDF file??

At last, after very long time spending my precious time I finally found the best solution for that problem.

In this session I’ll share my experience about how to convert any files such as word, excel, powerpoint, open office, HTML, AutoCad and Image into PDF file.

There are so many applications that can convert word to pdf, but in this tutorial I choose PDF Converter Elite to do that job.

Okay, Here the instruction :
  • First you must download and install PDF Converter Elite here
  • Open PDF Converter Elite

convert file to pdf

  • Click Create and choose any files (word, excel, ppt, txt, image, etc) that you want to convert to PDF file.
convert word, excel, images, powerpoint to pdf

  • ·         Wait until the progress done

convert word, excel, images, powerpoint to pdf

  • ·         Click Save button – Choose folder you wanna save your file – Rename your file

convert word, excel, images, powerpoint to pdf

  • ·         Done!!

That’s all, thanks for visiting site. If you still have a problem converting your file (word, excel, powerpoint, image) into PDF file. Feel free to comment here or you can email me at my contact. I’ll response your problem as soon as possible.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Split PDF into Multiple PDF Files or Specific Page

Hello Readers, in the previous article I’ve write about how to merge Multiple PDF File into One File. And now I will share a tutorial about How to Split or Extract PDF file into specific page that you want it.

If there is a way to combine PDF files, then there must be a way to split it”

Almost every day I must split PDF file into a multiple file needed for the agency reports. I used great free software to do that. The software is PDFsam.

Alright, Lets we start

Here the Instruction:

1. Download PDFsam Basic Here
2. Run it, and follow the installation instruction until finished
3. Open the program and choose SPLIT
split pdf into multiple file

4. Click browse, and then choose your PDF File
devide pdf file

5. You can choose split settings according to your needs. There is three option in the split setting that you can choose :
- Split After (Every Page, Even Pages, Odd Pages)
- Split after the following page numbers
- Split by every "n" pages
extract pdf file

6. Choose Output Setting to save the project
cut pdf file

7. Give File name setting and click RUN to execute the project
how to split pdf file into multiple page


That’s All Dude, If You have any question or still have a trouble about this tutorial. Feel free to write a comment here. I will response it as quick as possible.


Monday, March 13, 2017

How to Combine Multiple PDF Files into One File

Hello Readers, Are you confused about How to Merge your separate PDF files into one file? Then So Do I...

This is my very FIRST article to this blog after I registered it on 16 February 2011 (I hope this is not become THE LAST article too)

Starting from many of my offices friend who asks me for help to combine their separate PDF files into one file. My Journey Begins. I have spent many times to search the best software that can help me to combining my PDF files into one document. There are many ways to merge our multiple PDF files, we can use online or offline software.

If you want to use PDF joiner online, I can recommend you:
- ilovepdf

- combinepdf

- foxyutils

All of them are easy to use. For some online applications their require your email address to send the results, using an online software is cool, but it has a problem. The problem is when we don’t have any internet connection to access that site. So I must found any software that can do merge multiple PDF file OFFLINE!! (and surely MUST BE FREE)

After a thousand years searching, At Last I’ve found the best software to combine multiple PDF to one file and what make this software very special for me? Because I can do it OFFLINE and especially it’s FREE.

The Offline Software is PDFsam (not PDFSCAM)

As you can see at the picture, this software not only can merge your pdf files, but also can SPLIT, ROTATE, EXTRACT, and RESIZE it.
Here the Instruction How to use PDFSAM :
  1. Download PDFsam Basic here
  2. Run PDFsam_Basic_Installer.exe, Follow installer Instruction until Finished

       3. Open PDFsam Basic – Click Merge

       4.  Click Add – Choose PDF file that want to merge

       5. You can change destination file as you want
       6. And then click RUN to execute the project
       7. DONE!!

Okay that’s all, thanks for visiting my web. If you still have trouble with this tutorial, please feel free to write a comment here. Regards, wahyuwd.