Friday, October 11, 2013

Google Pagerank with Freak Condition and how to fixed it

What is the freak pagerank ? Freak Pagerank is a term I use for unusual pagerank conditions or strange conditions. This condition is said to be odd because the PageRank value of the WWW and the NOWWW not the same.
unusual pagerank
Then why the freak pagerank conditions could happen?  Freak Pagerank may occur because of differences in the data obtained by the google bot on the WWW and the NOWWW a website . Sometimes owners do not accidentally change the Base website of their domain , which was originally using WWW then converted into NOWWW (website base is use WWW and then change to NOWWW http:// . This can happen when they do re-install platform they use ( wordpress , joomla , drupal , etc ) . At the time of google pagerank update minor , google bot examine both sides of the website ( www and nowww ) and examine the changes that occur on a website and store the data that gets to be a material calculation pagerank a website when pagerank major update. But sometimes the data obtained from the www and nowww side is not the same as the changes made in the base domain so that there was freak conditions pagerank.

The freak pagerank conditions could be back to normal after major google pagerank update . But not all conditions of freak pagerank can be a normal after major update . There are several conditions that are difficult to be normal again.
 Based on some experiments that I have done, there is a way that can be used to normalize the freak pagerank conditions is to redirect the wrong side to the right side.
Example : valid 4 WWW valid 1 nowww
To normalize it then we have to redirect the nowww to www side and wait until google do a minor update or a major update.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drop, Aged, and Fresh domain with influence in Google SERP

There are several terms used by SEO experts in distinguishing the domain by domain age. The terms include Fresh Domain, Domain Drop and Aged Domain.

Fresh Domain
Fresh domain is the term used for a domain that is completely new registered at the registrar, this domain has not been registered with any registrar before and did not have any history. You can check history of a domain through web archives.
This domain is usually not indexed by search engines and start will be indexed after we install wordpress or any other platform and submit this website to various search engines.

Aged Domains 
Aged Domains is a term used for a domain that had expired and was not renewed by the owner, but not in deleted by the registrar, so the age of the domain is calculated when the domain was first registered. You can check age of a domain through the domain whois. Similarly, the drop domains , aged domains also still have the old data such as backlinks, Pagerank, Alexa rank, etc . Aged domain usually more expensive than the price of a domain Drop. A good idea to check the history of a domain before you buy it, if the domain de-index or not.

Drop Domains
Drop Domains is a term used for a domain that had expired and was not renewed by the owners so these deleted domains from the registrar. However, the data about the domain 's history such as Backlinks, Pagerank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, MozRank, etc. are retained by this domain. When we register these domains to any registrar then the domain age is calculated when we register this domain and not calculated when the domain was first registered by the previous owner.

Fresh Domains , Drop Domains and Aged Domains and influences Google SERP 
Many SEO experts have different opinions on how the effect of each of these domains in Google SERP, some have argued that the Aged domain has a much better chance at penetrating the page one of google. They argue that the older the age of a domain the better the position of the google serp. But there is also a different opinion, as to penetrate the google page one can not only be seen from the age of the domain.

As for the things that needed to penetrate the google page one :
1 . Unique article instead of the copy ( content is the king )
2 . The number of backlinks that are relevant to the theme of the website
3 . Pagerank of the domain
4 . SEO Optimization SEO Onpage and offpage sufficient
5 . promotion

So I think fresh , drop , and aged domains have an equal opportunity to be able to penetrate the SERP page one on google . All depends on how well the optimization is done on the website .

My experiment results on how to get Google Pagerank naturally

Pagerank is a term used by Google to rank of a website. The pagerank values starting from 0 until 10 whereas for websites those are not rated at all marked as N/A (not available).

There is no definitive explanation as how to a website can get PageRank because it is only known by google. People think that PageRank is obtained from the number of links from high pagerank websites to our site, for example, if we want our website have pagerank 4 then we should get a lot of backlinks from websites that have pagerank 5 and wait until the major update google . But based on the results of an experiment that I did with using 35 fresh website (Pagerank N/A), but the result is not like the above theory. Of the 35 websites that were given PR5 backlinks, the result is like this :

1 . 3 domains get PR2
2 . 12 domains get PR1
3 . 17 domains get PR0
4 . 3 domains remains a PR N/A

I did an experiment for 1 year that means they had passed at least 3 major updates google . Based on these experiments then I conclude that to get a pagerank from google, the parameters not only of the number of backlinks from high pagerank websites but there are other parameters that are still a mystery to me. But after I investigate several websites that have high PageRank, there are some fundamental similarities that are owned by such “PR5” websites include :
  1. Have backlinks from high authority websites (websites that are trusted by google as WIKIPEDIA ,    GOVERNMENT SITE , EDUCATIONAL SITE )
  2. Backlinks come from websites that have similar niche (read this tips how to get backlink from   website that have similar niche)
  3. Domain Authority ≥ 50 (parameter SEOmoz)
  4. Page Authority ≥ 50
  5. Alexa Rank ≤ 500k (read this tips for reduce alexa rank)

You can check it by yourself, the parameters always have similar result. Of the parameters above, I started to do a second experiment using 5 fresh website (Pagerank n/a), all websites were given High Pagerank backlinks from websites that have the similar niche and some backlinks from the authority site such as : Edu, Gov and wiki links. The result is surprising me, four of the five websites get Pagerank 4 and a website to get pagerank 3.
pagerank 4 and pagerank 3

From the experimental results it can be concluded that in order to get pagerank from google, our website at least have a high pagerank backlinks from websites that are relevant to the topic of our website and have backlinks from high authority sites ( Gov, Edu, and Wikipedia ).
This is the point of my experiment how to get Pagerank Naturally from google:
1.    Have many Backlink from Authority site
2.    Have many Backlink from High PR site
Traffic, domain aged, and other parameter are not very important to get pagerank from google. Beside Natural Pagerank there are Fake Pagerank, Forged Pagerank, and Valid Pagerank but with freak condition.