Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to Split PDF into Multiple PDF Files or Specific Page

Hello Readers, in the previous article I’ve write about how to merge Multiple PDF File into One File. And now I will share a tutorial about How to Split or Extract PDF file into specific page that you want it.

If there is a way to combine PDF files, then there must be a way to split it”

Almost every day I must split PDF file into a multiple file needed for the agency reports. I used great free software to do that. The software is PDFsam.

Alright, Lets we start

Here the Instruction:

1. Download PDFsam Basic Here
2. Run it, and follow the installation instruction until finished
3. Open the program and choose SPLIT
split pdf into multiple file

4. Click browse, and then choose your PDF File
devide pdf file

5. You can choose split settings according to your needs. There is three option in the split setting that you can choose :
- Split After (Every Page, Even Pages, Odd Pages)
- Split after the following page numbers
- Split by every "n" pages
extract pdf file

6. Choose Output Setting to save the project
cut pdf file

7. Give File name setting and click RUN to execute the project
how to split pdf file into multiple page


That’s All Dude, If You have any question or still have a trouble about this tutorial. Feel free to write a comment here. I will response it as quick as possible.



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